Speaker Q&A: Ross Leighton (Fatherson)

Ahead of Off The Record in Edinburgh on Saturday 9 December, we caught up with Ross Leighton from Fatherson to find out how he got started in the industry...

What was your path into music? and how did you get started?

My dad played the piano and guitar in the house from a young age, I think the enjoyment of everyone crowded round the piano at Christmas and stuff sparked my curiosity. I had piano lessons when I was really young and hated them. I didn’t really start getting back to playing anything till I was about 11 when I started playing double bass in a string group at school and from there just picked up other things. I then met Greg and Marc at secondary and we started a band and that pretty much takes us up to now.

  Photo by Rory Barnes

Photo by Rory Barnes

What has been your career highlight so far?

The first time we played the King Tuts tent at T In The Park in 2014 is probably the highlight for me, selling out the Barrowlands is a very close second though!

What advice would you give to other musicians looking to get started in the industry?

Try to enjoy yourself and don’t get caught up in the hype. If you enjoy the music you’re making and find other people that like it too then you’re on to a winner. It’s all a game of luck and chance, just work hard try to make music that means something to you and not what you think other people want to hear. And also, be nice to people, no one cares that you think you’re a rockstar. 

Off The Record takes place at South Bridge Resource and Education Centre, Edinburgh on Saturday 9th of December for 14-25 year olds. Tickets are £2, and include free lunch and a release with EmuBands worth £25!